10 Great Reasons to Join a Board of Directors!

First, what is a Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is the governing body of a non-profit organization. The responsibilities of the Board include determining policies, approving major goals and objectives recommended by management, approving an annual budget, reviewing financial  information, and hiring and evaluating the Executive Director.

There are many reasons to join a Board of Directors! Below are just a few: 

  1. To give back to your local community
  2. For professional development
  3. For personal growth
  4. For intellectual stimulation and challenges
  5. To  enhance your resume
  6. For business development
  7. To capitalize on networking opportunities
  8. To advance a personal cause
  9. To model your personal commitment for volunteerism and philanthropy with for others in your life
  10. To expand your knowledge-base of the non-profit industry

Envision is seeking passionate people to serve on our Board!

Why choose Envision’s Board?

  •   Long-term, strong organization that is a cornerstone in Weld County
  •   To share your gifts, skills and talents to helping people
  •   To give a voice to people who don’t always have a voice
  •   To gain a new perspective in empowerment for all people

About Envision’s Board of Directors:

All Board of Directors Meetings are open to the public, begin at 7:30 AM and are held at Envision offices: 1050 37th Street Evans, Colorado 80620.


Current Board Membership:

Joanna Martinson | President | JMartinson@envisionco.org

Dr. Lesley Brooks | Vice-President | LBrooks@envisionco.org

Linda Brainard | Secretary/Treasurer | LBrainard@envisionco.org

Erica Herman| Former President | EHerman@envisionco.org

Tamara Brady | Member | TBrady@envisionco.org

Patrick Roesler| Member | PRoesler@envisionco.org

Kathi Sargent | Member | KSargent@envisionco.org

Pamela Shaddock | Member | PShaddock@envisionco.org

Doug Seery | Member | DSeery@envisionco.org

Monica Wickstrom | Member | MWickstrom@envisionco.org

Ani Steele | Member | ASteele@envisionco.org


Want to join our Board? Fill out the contact form below:

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