What does it mean to be a Person Centered Organization?

Celeste Ewert, Envision Executive Director

Did you know that Envision is a Person-Centered Organization (PCO)?

Anyone who has worked in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) for more than about 18 years may believe that they know what this is, but Person-Centeredness as it is now, is not what it was when it had a similar name in the 1990s. And Person-Centeredness is more than just changing language from “client” or “consumer” to person or people.  It’s a change in how all people are viewed and empowered to direct their life into what they would like for it to be.  If I were to categorize services for people with IDD into three eras and categories it would be these:

50 years and longer ago people with IDD had things “done to” them (abused/no rights)

Between 10-50 years ago people with IDD had things “done for” them (enabled/no responsibilities)

In the past 10 years, people with IDD are having things “done with” them (empowerment/choice)

This is exactly what Person-Centeredness means.  Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) is a philosophy; it is a belief that all people have the right and ability to make educated choices and direct what they want for their life.

It considers what is important for and important to people, and provides many tools to help determine the best way to support someone to move towards their dreams and desires.

Our Vision: “Empowering people to live, love, work and play their way.”