Colorado Home and Community Based Settings Survey for Family Members and Friends

The State of Colorado, Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) is conducting a voluntary survey of individuals receiving home-and-community-based services, as well as their family members and advocates, to provide input on the settings they live and/or receive such services. The IFA Survey is open for individuals and their families/advocates to take as often as they like. Surveys are available in English, Español, and русский.

Finding the survey on the HCPF website:

  • Search (upper right-hand corner): “IFA Survey”
  • Click on “Home and Community Based Services Settings Final Rule” link
  • Click on “Individual/Family/Advocate (IFA) Survey” link
  • Select language and type of survey

You can complete this survey online or via a paper copy.

  • To complete it online please go to Online IFA Survey in English.
  • If you want to print and mail it, you can follow the instructions above, select the survey type in your preferred language, print and complete, and mail it to the address below.
  • You can also request a paper copy be mailed to you by contacting your Case Management Agency at:


1050 37th Street

Evans, Colorado 80620

(970) 339-5360

Click Here to Print The Survey Yourself

  • Be sure to specify if you would like the Individual, Family and Friends, or Advocate version of the survey.

Please return all paper copies to:

Dept. of Health Care Policy & Financing

Attn: Statewide Transition Plan Team

1570 Grant Street

Denver, CO 80203

Thank you for your time and effort spent completing the survey. We value your responses which inform our efforts at the Department. We strive to continue to improve community-based services and this wouldn’t be possible without your invaluable input.

Medicaid is a government program that provides funding for services and supports that help low income older adults and people with disabilities across the country live in their communities. These services and supports can take place in the home, the workplace, or in day program settings.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Federal funding and oversight agency for the Medicaid program, released a rule to make sure that these services and supports, and the places where they are provided, are truly part of the community. See the table below for a summary of characteristics of homes and workplaces or day programs that follow the rule.

Characteristics of the home:

  • It’s part of the community.
  • You can be active in the community.
  • You can go into the community when you want to.
  • You can choose your roommates.
  • You can decorate how you choose.
  • You have legal protections relating to eviction.
  • You can access all shared living space in the home.
  • You have privacy and can lock your bedroom door.
  • You can have visitors when you want.
  • You decide your schedule.
  • You can eat when you want.
  • You can spend your money how you want.
  • You can interact with people with and without disabilities.

Characteristics of the workplace or day program:

  • It’s part of the community.
  • You can be active in the community.
  • You can go into the community when you want to.
  • You choose whether you want to work and where.
  • You have input on hours and schedules.
  • You can choose to volunteer.
  • You receive supports to work or volunteer.
  • You can interact with people


Some Home and Community Based Services Settings already meet these standards, and others may need to make changes to follow the rule.

This survey will help Colorado identify which homes and workplaces may need additional support. It will also help us identify patterns in the kinds of changes that need to be made.

You can take this survey as often as you want.

Your answers will be kept private.

View the original letter from HCPF. 


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